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Many people claim to have a photographic memory, but none were ever proven by science.

"The world fucks us up. We keep on keeping on, albeit barely. But that’s okay. Sometimes, even, that’s more than enough."

things to take to heart, #23 (via uniquecole)

"Have you ever noticed that humans have made it so difficult and complicated to “survive” in this world? It’s a vicious cycle. You go to school, and try really hard, so that you can get into a good college, and then you try really hard at college to get a good job, and then you try really hard at your job, so you can make money. And then your kids do the same thing. And everyone just keeps on doing this and no one even stops to think WHY they’re doing it anymore. Everyone just does it because it’s what you’re supposed to do. And like, before, when the human race had just started, the goal was to just SURVIVE. People just lived. I mean, that’s what really matters, right? Survival. Because after you die, it doesn’t matter what college you went to."

Dylan, my 12 year old brother (via aikkinot)


*swirls chocolate milk in a wine glass*

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